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Boost Your CV with Skill-Specific Side Jobs

Is Your CV Looking Lackluster?

Does your CV look a little lackluster? If you’re lacking in experience, you should consider tailoring your CV to include part-time sources of income. Taking on a side job is not only kind to your pocket, but it also greatly improves your chances of securing a role.

Skill-Specific Side Jobs Make You Stand Out

Whether you’re a recent graduate with minimal work experience or you’re looking to transition into a new career, having skill-specific examples under your belt will make you stand out from the crowd of other applicants. In this blog, we’ll focus on getting the right experience to push your CV to the top of the pile.

Receptionist: More Than Just Answering Phones

Skills Acquired:

Expertise in office politics

Strong communication skills

Excellent organisation and time management

You might dismiss the role of a receptionist at first glance. However, working as a receptionist can teach you a variety of useful skills. These skills will always be relevant, regardless of your long-term career goals. Not only will you become an expert in the politics of an office, but you’ll also demonstrate to employers that you are an expert in communication, organisation, and time management.

Selecting the right company to work for can be a great method of connecting with potential future employers. For example, many law students take part-time administrator roles in law firms to build valuable relationships that they can utilise when they finish their degree.

Event Staff: Learn to Thrive Under Pressure

Skills Acquired:


Handling high-stress environments

Hospitality, stage setup, and sales skills

Besides the obvious benefit of getting free admission to events, event staff demonstrate great practical skills that employers value. An event is a perishable activity, so making sure each event goes off without a hitch can create an occasional high-stress environment. This role proves that you can work as part of a team, and the pressures of looming deadlines don’t faze you.

Depending on the type of function, you could boast solid skills in hospitality, setting up stages, or even making sales. If you’ve worked for an event in a relevant industry to the role that you’ve applied for, you may be able to benefit your future employer by securing suitable contacts. Being an event steward is also a convenient role if you’re looking for work alongside other commitments, as most agencies will let you pick and choose the dates you work.

Survey Panel Member: Research Skills at Your Fingertips

Skills Acquired:

Research and analytical skills

Dedication and productivity

Industry knowledge

Being a survey panel member is a job you can do from the comfort of your own home. To employers, this research-based role screams productivity. Since payment usually comes in the form of vouchers or cash earned by completing a survey, the employer will assume you have dedicated a lot of hours to the role. This is a good indication of your character and shows your willingness to remain motivated and progress further.

As a rounded person, you’ll have approached topics set by companies in various industries that operate on a global scale. This is one role that really does make you think. Getting familiar with surveys is a good idea in any industry, as every business conducts market research. You can spin this side job in your favor by showing off not only how well you know the format of surveys and what questions will provide the best data but also your knowledge of the industry you’re going into. Employers love candidates who have done their research and delved into the current state of the market. In this case, you’ll have already been paid to do just that!

Charity Volunteer: Showcasing Good Values

Skills Acquired:

Dedication to a cause

Alignment with company values


Having an element of unpaid work on your CV is beneficial, as it shows an employer that you have good values. It also indicates that you’re not solely motivated by financial gain, which can go a long way to positively affecting an employer’s perception of you.

Showing dedication to a cause can confirm to an employer whether your personality aligns with the company’s values. After all, you could be the best candidate on paper, but if you don’t get the business or make any effort to understand what it’s about, you won’t last long. Increasingly, employers are opting to hire based more on suitability—not just to the role itself, but the entire company. If you’ve done some volunteering with the RSPCA, for example, and you later apply for a dog grooming position, you’ll most likely clinch an interview because your previous experience demonstrates an empathy towards animals.

Sales Assistant: Mastering Customer-Facing Roles

Skills Acquired:

Emotional awareness

Knowledge of financial processes, marketing, and sales

Opportunities for career development

Working in retail is a popular side job. Most stores don’t expect their applicants to have a great deal of experience, and there are times of the year—such as Christmas and New Year—when they quickly need to hire additional staff. Being a sales assistant for a sustained period of time shows heightened emotional awareness, as this is a customer-facing role. This role can also give you sufficient knowledge about financial processes, marketing tactics, and sales.

If you find you enjoy working in the retail industry, there are also numerous opportunities for development, so you can always tailor your career development to achieve a role working in a head office position.

Waiting Staff: Patience and Precision

Skills Acquired:

Health and safety awareness

Time management


Working with food is hectic, but it shows tenacity. Individuals with experience in hospitality have usually undergone some health and safety training as a mandatory part of their role. Having this awareness is important to all employers and is especially crucial in a kitchen environment.

This is another role that involves precise time management. Being a waitress or waiter requires a certain level of patience: you need to remain calm while serving customers and be able to adapt to the pace changing at any time.


Incorporating skill-specific side jobs into your journey not only enhances your CV but also equips you with a valuable set of skills. These experiences can make you a more appealing candidate in the competitive job market.


Is it necessary to have a side job on my CV?

While not mandatory, having a skill-specific side job on your CV can significantly boost your chances of landing a job, especially if you lack relevant work experience.

Do employers value unpaid volunteer work?

Yes, many employers appreciate volunteer work as it demonstrates good values and a commitment to causes beyond financial gain.

How can I highlight my side job during a job interview?

Emphasise the skills you’ve gained and how they relate to the position you’re applying for. Show how your side job experience can benefit the prospective employer.

Are There side jobs suitable for remote work?

Yes, roles like survey panel member can be done from home, offering flexibility alongside other commitments.

Can I use side job experiences to negotiate a higher salary?

Absolutely, if the skills

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