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Nigeria’s Hiring Hurdle: Can AI and Recruitment Tech Be the Answer? 

The Struggle is Real: Finding the right talent in Nigeria’s booming tech scene is a massive pain. With nearly 30% of folks out of work, competition for skilled peeps is fierce. Traditional methods like job boards and sifting through endless CVs are slow, messy, and unfair. Businesses need a smarter way to navigate this tricky situation. 

The Tech Heroes Arrive: Recruitment technology (rectech) and artificial intelligence (AI) are like superheroes for hiring. By automating tasks, analysing data, and removing bias, they’re helping Nigerian companies find the perfect match, faster than ever. 

Let’s Break it Down: 

1. Sourcing Saviours: Forget endless CV hunting. AI-powered tools like Beshortlisted TalentPool or TalentQL scan the web, finding ideal candidates based on what you need. Imagine cutting sourcing time by 70%, like Andela, a talent development company in Africa, did! 

2. Screening Smarts: Ditch the “gut feeling” approach. AI tools like TalentSCAN by Peak Performance use data to assess skills, experience, and even cultural fit. This removes human bias and ensures a fairer, more objective selection process. Studies show AI can improve hiring decisions by up to 20%. 

3. Candidate Experience Champions: No more ghosting! Chatbots powered by AI like Lona by Jobberman chat with candidates in real-time, answering questions and offering support. This improves communication, making the process smoother and more positive. Remember, happy candidates become brand champions! 

4. Time-Travel for Hiring: Tired of waiting months to fill a role? AI can supercharge your hiring cycle. By automating tasks, it reduces time-to-hire by up to 50%. That’s what Flutterwave, a Nigerian fintech giant, achieved using TalentQL. Imagine filling critical roles instantly, giving you a competitive edge! 

But Hold On a Sec… Experts like Dr. Yemi Kale, CEO of the Nigerian Economic Summit Group, remind us to use AI wisely. He emphasises the need for ethical considerations and human oversight. Remember, AI is a tool, not a replacement for human judgement. 

The Verdict? AI and RecTech are powerful allies in Nigeria’s hiring wars. By streamlining processes, eliminating bias, and creating a positive candidate experience, they can help companies land the best talent, boosting growth and propelling Nigeria’s tech revolution forward. 

Remember, the human touch is still crucial. Embrace AI as a partner, not a replacement, and watch your hiring soar! 

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